What we do

- Complete all travel arrangements and bookings for your pet on the most direct and cost effective flights.

- Pick up and deliver your pet(s) to and from airports anywhere in the world.

- Arrange airport check-ins.

- Prepare all domestic and international documentation.

- Process Customs clearance.

- Provide IATA approved flight kennels.

- Coordinate quarantine and boarding arrangements where necessary.

- Arrange veterinary health examinations, micro-chipping (where necessary) and relevant certificates for domestic and/or international relocations in major cities throughout the world.

- Boarding and transportation anywhere in the world.

- Personalized services and Professional canine grooming.

Whether your relocation is within Asia or international, we are a single source for handling every detail of your pet's move. Our Advisors are trained to follow the strict guidelines established by the Animal Welfare Act and IATA and will ALWAYS ensure the safety and comfort of your pet our utmost top priority. We understand that your pet is an important member of your family and we strive to make the move as stress free and easy as possible. We work with all of the major domestic and international airlines to find the most direct route possible for your pet with a minimal amount of layovers.

Kev Posh Pet Services will relieve owners of the work and take care of all necessary paperwork and inoculations. Please note that a health certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian and dated within a stipulated days of travel along with a rabies vaccination within 12 months is generally required for all moves. International travel requirements vary by country and most countries require an endorsed International Health Certificate while some require documentation in the language of the importing country. Other countries require consular approval of the international documentation prior to travel as well. Some countries, especially EU countries, do require pets to be micro-chipped.

The Animal Welfare Act and the IATA Live Animals Regulations are strict and very clear in defining proper flight kennels.

Kev Posh Pet Services offers and provides approved flight kennels of all carriage sizes. It is important that water and/or food is well accessible from the outside. We generally do not encourage owners to feed their pet just before travelling due to the potential of an upset stomach during the flight.

Whenever possible, we highly encourage pet owners to pre-condition their pets to the kennel prior to pickup, for example put a favourite toy or place owner's used bath towel in the kennel with your pet. Custom built flight kennels are also available only upon request.

We can arrange for both pre-flight and destination boarding for your pets if required or desired. If the move requires a layover, we will recommend reputable and comfortable boarding accommodations en-route to ensure your pet(s) utmost comfort and safety.

Door-to-Door Service: Our worldwide network of professional agents provides reliable, safe and convenient pickup and delivery service to and from your home (both old and new), kennel, veterinarian and all airports. At Kev Posh Pet Services, we always listen and are flexible to meet your specific needs.

Our team of dedicated and patient dog groomers are well trained in all aspects in this profession to handle dogs of any breed, we ensure that all dogs who come to us are comfortably, happily and beautifully groomed. In addition, our groomers also advocate to train and educate pet owners on the well-being and basic grooming needs for their beloved pets.

We offer in-house personalized and professional pet grooming and health care services as well as free consulting services. That is just one of the reasons that more and more customers from across the world choose Kev Posh Pet Services as their service provider to take care of their pet(s)' well-being and travels.